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Reporting and recording bullying

The ability to report and record incidents of bullying behaviour is a crucial part of any anti-bullying strategy. Schools and other settings need to encourage and make it as easy as possible for children and young people to report bullying incidents.

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Having a ‘one size fits all’ approach is unhelpful when supporting children and young people who experience bullying behaviour. Therefore having a range of reporting and recording mechanisms is important. In all cases of bullying behaviour it is necessary to act quickly, but even more so if you have a child who may in it difficult communicating or remembering what has happened.

[After I had talked about the bullying and nothing happened] I started to get really angry. They [teachers] hadn’t listened. Made me feel I couldn’t talk to anyone. I started to get really angry and taking it out on my [family] at home, because no one had listened to me.

We have created a short guide below about reporting and recording bullying.

28 May 2017