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All Together: whole school anti-bullying programme

We are delighted to announce that the All Together programme has been extended to March 2021! Join the programme today: Register for All Together

This program is brilliant and I am so glad we signed up to it. It has made us look at everything we do!

Already signed up? Click to access the All Together Hub **Please note, this is not the login page for the anti-bullying online training.

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ABA's All Together programme is a whole-school anti-bullying programme offered free to schools across England.

It is mainly based online and involves: 

  • access to the All Together Online Hub, an online platform through which schools are able to audit their current anti-bullying practice and create an anti-bullying action plan that is tailored to their needs
  • targeted resources to help tackle bullying. This also includes specific resources to help tackle bullying of at risk groups. 
  • access to the 'All Together Pupil Wellbeing Questionnaire' which will tell you about levels of wellbeing and bullying among your pupils and allow you to monitor progress over the course of the programme. The results will report on a variety of indicators including SEN/disability and free school meals
  • online CPD-certified training for all staff, including a module on cyberbullying

Opened my mind and showed how we can address the issues we are struggling with

The programme includes a special focus on reducing bullying of disabled children and those with SEN but aims to reduce bullying of all children and young people. The All Together Programme is funded by the Department for Education and delivered by the Anti-Bullying Alliance with support from Contact and Achievement for All

Click here to read a short report on the outcomes for schools who have taken part in the programme

 We've found it really simple and incredibly useful. It's informed policy and practice and, hopefully, will prove to have had a huge impact. Well done - please keep it running next year too!

As a school we are new to this form of anti-bullying strategy and I must say that the pupils and staff have really embraced your resources.

Already signed up to the programme? Click here to access: All Together Hub