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Disablism in class

ABA has worked with Richard Reiser (World of Inclusion) to develop some materials to help challenge disablist bullying in schools - you can find these at the bottom of the page in the downloads section below. We then went to six schools (4 primary and 2 secondary schools) to test out our materials. As a result we have created six short films for schools to give you ideas about challenging disablist bullying in school. The resources used in the films are also below in the downloads section. 

We believe that to really tackle disablist bullying, schools need to have a good understanding of the social model of disability. You can find out more about the Social Model in this video and on the World of Inclusion website


If you use these resources please let us know how your school got on by emailing Martha Evans at

Video case studies:

Wroxham Primary School - Potter’s Bar


Priestnall Secondary School - Stockport


Highbury Quadrant Primary School - London


Fulford Secondary School - York


Emerson Green Primary School - Bristol


Colemore Primary School - Birmingham


Access All Areas Theatre Company, UK Disability History Month and the Open University have pulled together to create this great resource for school about teaching the history of disablism. Have a look 

18 Apr 2017