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Restorative Approaches

A restorative approach is a way of working with conflict that puts the focus on repairing the harm that has been done. It is an approach to conflict resolution that includes all of the parties involved.

The Restorative Justice Council said:

  • A report published by the Department for Education gave whole-school restorative approaches the highest rating of effectiveness at preventing bullying, with a survey of schools showing 97% rated restorative approaches as effective.
  • An independent evaluation of restorative justice in Bristol schools found that restorative justice improved school attendance and reduced exclusion rates.

Restorative Thinking: A Restorative Practices Interactive Toolkit Written by Teachers, for Teachers (KS1 and KS2)

ABA and Restorative Thinking have developed a new toolkit for primary school teachers that supports them to deliver restorative approaches with whole classes, small groups and individuals, and in turn equipping pupils with the skills and understanding to manage conflict.  To order the pack visit the Restorative Thinking website.

29 May 2017