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Using books and film to prevent bullying

The stories we read, hear and watch when growing up go on to have a significant impact on our lives as adults.

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The BBC said that:

scientists have found that children who have fiction read to them regularly find it easier to understand other people – they show more empathy and have better developed theory of mind (the ability to understand that other people have different thoughts and feelings to us, which is essential for understanding and predicting other people’s thoughts and behaviour).

We know schools often use the power of stories to help prevent bullying. There are many books and film that help raise the issue of bullying and either help children to empathise and become ‘upstanders’ in school, stop bullying behaviour or realise that they can speak out about bullying.

You can find some resources below to help you make anti-bullying change in school using books and film. 

14 Sep 2018