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What does the research say?

Children in care are among the groups who are most vulnerable to bullying. They report: 

  • twice the level of bullying than other children in primary years (see Safe To Play 2008) - 38% vs 19%
  • four times the level of bullying than other children in secondary years (see Safe To Play 2008) - 36% vs 9% 

Children who are looked after and living away from home are particularly vulnerable (Smith, P.K. (2008) ABA Briefing Bullying Among Looked After Children) and may face discrimination from other children at school and in the community, simply because they are looked after (Safe To Play 2008) 

One 16 year old male said: 

They never see it - it happens when you are sitting in the lounge when there are no staff - it's threatening and name calling mostly - quite a few people do it. 

Challenged that may face looked-after children are: 

  • several placements 

  • having to adapt to new situations/people repeatedly 
  • losing contact with friends and often extended members of family 
  • an increased risk of psychiatric disorders (McCann, J., A., Wilson, S and Dunn, C. (1996) Prevalence of psychiatric disorders in young people in the care system) 
23 Jun 2017