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What can schools do to support looked after children?

We spoke with groups of looked after children to find out their views on how schools can improve the support they offer 

Some overarching tips:

  • Ensure staff understand the reasons why a young person might be in care, the additional challenges they experience and how this might affect them.  

Teachers should have training on how they can better support young people in care. Involving someone with experience of being in care would make this training even more powerful.

  • Look at the bigger picture and don't assign labels when someone is involved in a bullying situation

The school should make an effort to look into the reasons why a looked after child might be getting into fights with other pupils as it could be because they are being bullied themselves.

  • A restorative approach might work for looked after children who are involved in bullying. It can support them to feel empowered and more confident. 

The school should speak to bullies and the LAC to get their views.

  • Support and involvement from the designated lead for looked after children is welcome.

The school should ask the looked after child how they can better support them.The designated teacher for LAC should step in more.

23 Jun 2017