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Power for Good Anti-Bullying Week Award winners announced

Each year the Anti-Bullying Alliance coordinates Anti-Bullying Week in schools across England and this is the second year we have held an award for teachers that go beyond the call of duty to support children with issues such as bullying, family life, relationships and health. We were delighted that we had well over 100 entries. The unique thing about the award is that it pupils nominate their teacher. 

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We are pleased to announce the winners this year are: 

Each nominated teacher/school staff receive a certificate from us for being nominated. But for the winners above we have a special prize to be given to them at our event to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week in Parliament on Wednesday 15th November. 

Here's what the pupils said of them: 

Mr Bennett: 

He is kind and generous and makes people laugh. He sometimes sings funny songs in class and has pretended to be a dinosaur to make us laugh. He is very funny. Mr Bennett makes people think about others and how others feel. He gets people together to talk about issues so that it does not become a bigger problem.

Mrs Furness: 

Mrs Furness is our Head of School Care and that is a perfect title for her. She cares about everything and everyone in our school. Since starting at the school three years ago, Mrs Furness has someone everyone’s support. Whether it’s a child in need, a parent with concerns or a teacher needing a cup of tea, Mrs furness is there. Mrs furness ALWAYS goes the extra mile for our school. She is an amazing person and a fantastic friend to everyone.

We would like to congratulate Mrs Furness and Mr Bennett from all at ABA and we will be posting more about their prizes in the coming days. 

14 Nov 2017