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The All Together Programme is open to new schools!

The All Together Programme is our whole-school anti-bullying programme that has proven its success in reducing bullying and improving wellbeing.

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Join the programme today!

We at the Anti-Bullying Alliance are delighted that our whole school programme for schools in England is open once again. The programme, which started life as the SEND Programme in 2013 has been going from strength to strength. Evaluation of each phase of the programme has shown that participating schools have seen an improvement in anti-bullying practice and an improvement in pupil wellbeing. The biggest improvement has been in the wellbeing of pupils with SEN and those in receipt of Free School Meals, who we know are amonst those most likely to be bullied. You can read about how other schools achieved success here.

This time round, we have built a bespoke online platform so that schools will find it even easier to join and to avail of the resources available including the pupil wellbeing questionnaire, the audit and action planning tool, online training, and hundreds anti-bullying resources. 

The overall aim of the programme is to establish All Together Schools. These are schools that have evidenced their work to reduce bullying of all pupils, including disabled pupils and those with special educational needs (SEN).  The All Together Programme is funded by the Department for Education and delivered by the Anti-Bullying Alliance with support from Contact and Achievement for All

I think this programme should be compulsory for all schools. I can't recommend it highly enough

The programme includes:

  • access to the All Together Online Hub, an online platform through which schools are able to audit their current anti-bullying practice and create an anti-bullying action plan that is tailored to their needs
  • targeted resources to help tackle bullying
  • access to the 'All Together Pupil Wellbeing Questionnaire' which will tell you about levels of wellbeing and bullying among your pupils and allow you to monitor progress over the course of the programme. The results will report on a variety of indicators including SEN/disability and free school meals
  • online CPD-certified training for all staff, including a module on cyberbullying

This phase of the programme will run until March 2020 so sign up today to get started! 

25 Feb 2019