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We are so grateful to have the continued support (for the fourth year running!) from ABA Members SafeToNet to help us bring Anti-Bullying Week to life. This year they are official supporters of Odd Socks Day. SafeToNet provide an 'online safeguading buddy' for parents and are offering the app free for parents for 60 days if they use the code 'ABA2019'. Find out more below. 

A message from the SafeToNet team

For children

SafeToNet is an online safeguarding buddy. It’s an intelligent keyboard which interacts with children and educates them to become better digital citizens by advising and if necessary preventing children from sending messages that could harm them and others. It detects signs of bullying, sexual content, worying thoughts, abuse and aggression.

For parents

SafeToNet advises and guides parents too by providing powerful and informative insights into their child’s digital world. It does this whilst always respecting the child’s rights to privacy as it never discloses what the child is doing, what they are saying and who they are talking to. Instead it provides a Safety Indicator. Parents are notified of their child’s movement towards or away from online risk, and are given “in the moment” advice and guidance that encourages conversations between the parent and child about staying safe in the digital world.

As part of SafeToNet’s support of Odd Socks Day, SafeToNet is providing parents access to its award-winning app for FREE FOR 60 DAYS. Use the code 'ABA2019'. 

More great anti-bullying content will be available to download soon from:

We hope Odd Socks Day is a great success for your school!

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