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Involving students

ABA and Diana Award Logos

Anti-Bullying Week is a great opportunity as a school to talk about bullying and review your practices. But it is vital students are also involved and heard throughout your Anti-Bullying Week activities. Consulting with young people, the Anti-Bullying Alliance and the Diana Award have come up with 10 tips on how you can engage young people. It is also available as a downloadable handout infographic at the bottom of the page. 

Create a student advisory group

Develop activities for Anti-Bullying Week with a diverse group of students to get everyone involved.

Select a school slogan

Use the official Anti-Bullying Week slogan or come up with your own.

Social media takeover

Encourage students to take over the school's social media for the day to send out anti-bullying messages.

Take photo pledges

Create a space where students can take photos with their pledges to treat each other with respect.

Share the knowledge

Encourage older students to share their anti-bullying times in assemblies or short lessons.

Create a positive message

Using a wall in the school, encourage other students to spread positive messages or drawings.

Review your anti-bullying policy

Share your anti-bullying policy with other students and make positive changes to the policy.

Organise a fundraising event

Hold a creative fundraising event for your favourite anti-bullying charity or school event.

Review your school ethos

Create or review your school ethos on how all students and staff treat each other.

We'd love to see what you do, so please share with us your activity via social media or email. To find out more about the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign go to You can find out more about Anti-Bullying Week here.