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All about All Together

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Q1: What is All Together?

Q2: How does my school become an 'All Together School'?

Q3: How long does the programme run and what are the deadlines involved?


What is All Together?

The All Together Programme is ABA's whole-school anti-bullying programme for schools in England. The overall aim of the programme is to establish All Together Schools. These are schools that have evidenced their work to reduce bullying of all pupils. 

The programme includes a special focus on reducing bullying of disabled children and those with SEN, but aims to reduce bullying of all children and young people. You can read a report on how schools who previously been on the programme improved their practice here

Any school in England can join the programme and access the resources available including the pupil wellbeing questionnaire, the audit and action planning tool, online training, and anti-bullying resources. 

Schools who are able to evidence the improvements they have made over the course of the programme (see criteria below) will be awarded 'All Together School' status and receive a logo they can use along with a certificate. 

All Together is funded by the Department for Education and delivered by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, with support from Contact


How does my school achieve 'All Together School' status?

Schools that participate in the all steps of the programme will receive a certificate of achievement to show that they have graduated from the programme. 

To receive 'All Together School - Gold status' and a logo, schools must as a minimum show:

  • That they have captured bullying and wellbeing levels of pupils via a survey, analysed the data, and shown how they will act on these findings. Ideally you would do this at the start and end of the programme so you can evidence progression, but we know this might not be possible in the current climate. Gold schools will have surveyed as many pupils within the school as possible, and they will have data on at-risk groups, particularly pupils with SEN. Our online pupil questionnaire provides an easy way for you to capture and analyse this data, so we recommend using this, but you can use a different survey if you wish.
  • An improvement in green and/or amber (fully or partially met) indicators in their final audit, with clear examples given of how schools have met these indicators, including supplementary evidence, and a detailed review of actions undertaken through the programme and their outcomes. 
  • No more than 10% of reds (not met) indicators in their final audit 

We will particularly favour schools that:

  • Provide case studies or evidence
  • Give as much detail as possible

'All Together School - Silver status' will be awarded to schools who are able to evidence activity undertaken through action plans (or already in place), and have a high level of fully or partially met indicators, but are unable to show how they have acted on information captured through pupil surveys.  

'All Together School - Bronze status' will be awarded to schools who did not submit a wellbeing questionnaire or survey but show an improvement in their audit and give details on their good practice, either within the audit form or by submitting a case study or other forms of evidence. 


When do I need to complete each section of the programme by?

The programme ends in March 2021. We recommend the following timings for each section:

  1. Plan. You should try to get your baseline audit within a month of sign-up. Ideally you will be able to do conduct your baseline pupil questionnaire at this time, but we are going to allow this to be submitted at any stage up to when you review your action plan. You can use the user guides for help with this. Getting the planning stage done as soon as possible will leave as much time as possible for the key part of the programme:
  2. Do. The action stage is what the programme is all about. Use the tips, tools and resources in the All Together Hub to work through the areas you defined at the planning stage. Ideally you'll get to spend a minimum of two terms on this.
  3. Review. By the end of February 2021 you should have filled in the 'Review' section of the action plan, completed your second wellbeing questionnaire (if doing two), filled in your  final audit and uploaded your evidence. We will then take a couple of weeks to review everything you've done, before releasing your certificate and logo.