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Ranjan Sen (Mencap)

Ranjan is Strategic Development Manager at Mencap and has a range of expertise developed over 15 years working on campaigns, projects and programmes in Charites, Government, Not-for-profit  and community sectors.  

A common theme in this work, is the  focus on tacking barriers, improving  lives and working toward a society  people are treated  equal and with respect.  Most recently Ranjan’s work at Mencap has had a focus on challenging stigma and discrimination  of young people with Learning Disabilities and developing an early intervention approach to support children with Learning Disabilities and their families have the best start in life.

People with learning disabilities face daily stigmatisation. Giving people with learning disability a voice in how bullying is tackled in schools will support overcome the barriers children and young people face in being accepted for who they are in society.  Being part of ABA vital work in schools is a step towards achieving this

Ranjan Sen photo