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School pack & competition

Below you will find the Odd Socks Day 2019 school pack and an exclusive FREE video to help bring it to life from Andy and the Odd Socks. All you need to do is press play!

Assembly Video - Andy and the Odd Socks

Each year we create a pack for schools to help you bring Odd Socks Day to life. You can find the Odd Socks Day 2019 school pack in the attachment sections below. We held a very exciting competition where two schools will win a visit and live performance from Andy and the Odd Socks. 

Odd Socks Day photo


You can watch the Andy and the Odd Socks song for Odd Socks Day 2019 called 'Change' below and access the lyric sheet in the download section at the bottom of this page. 

Odd Socks Day 2019 competition 

We ran an exciting competition for schools during Anti-Bullying Week. The two winning schools will receive a visit from Andy and the Odd Socks themselves!  We will select the winning schools (particularly looking for the most creative entries) on the 1st December and we will be in touch to arrange the visit.

For terms and conditions please click here. 

Parents can download the SafeToNet app and have access to the app for free for 60 days by using the code 'ABA2019'. Find out more here