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ABA and Red Balloon Learner Centres have worked in partnership to produce 'Information for Parents and Carers on Bullying' (pdf document).  The guide includes advice on supporting your child with bullying issues, information on bullying and the law, and guidance on how to make a complaint about bullying.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance isn't able to directly support parents, carers and children with issues around bullying but there are other organisations that may be able to help:

Further information and support

How can you help your child if they are being bullied (ABA page)

How can you help if you child is bullying others - or involved in a bullying incident (ABA page)

Cyberbullying - how to keep your child safe online (ABA page)

Keep an eye on it a free downloadable leaflet for parents and carers includes useful information written by young people themselves.

Dealing with racism and bullying: tips for parents and guardians: The Black Training and Enterprise Group has published a leaflet to assist parents of school age children when they are meeting with the school to stop racism or bullying. The leaflet contains practical tips and useful website links for parents. The leaflet is available to download.

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